Education Department

Mission Statement

Serve and equip every man, woman, boy and girl, that their souls prosper by the teachings of God's inspired word. That all may be perfect, thoroughly furnished for all good works, rich in wisdom, knowledge, skills, understanding and in good health.


Maintain a strong and effective program that strengthens the entire congregation - undergird all dimensions of the church's mission.

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Auxiliary Ministries

Men's Ministry

NRFM Men’s Ministry provides men with the resources to develop Godly character and help equip them to influence the world for Jesus Christ.  Our ministry will bring men into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ; unite men in prayer, ministry, fellowship and accountability.  Our ministry is a supportive environment that will enhance families with providing a series of events that will promote solidarity, outreach, evangelism and mentoring opportunities that lead to significant vital interactions.

Women's Ministry

NFRM Women’s Ministry goal is to help all women develop and nurture a personal relationship with our Lord, Jesus Christ in order to live fruitful and abundant lives.  Each woman, by faith and through the teaching of God’s Word, will experience the transforming power of Jesus Christ in her life and then demonstrate kingdom living in the church, her family and in the community. 

Singles Ministry

NRFM provides a Singles ministry to young adults, divorcees, widows and single adults that foster individual wholeness through a relationship with God. Our desire is for our single adults to grow into the image of Christ and prepare for the destiny God has planned for them.  The ministry is designed to educate the single Christian about Christ and relationships. We provide instruction about family, finances, future ministry and preparation for marriage.  NRFM is preparing our singles…

To heal past hurts.
To meet Jesus Christ.
To receive and give unconditional love.
To learn how to live a saved life single.
How to give service to God as a single adult.
To meet other Christian single adults.

Youth Ministry

XPLODE Generation will INSPIRE, ENLIGHTEN, TRAIN, & REACH youth of today to be LEADERS of tomorrow. Meet us @ 7 PM every 2nd & 4th Friday of each month.

Worship & Praise Ministry

The NRFM Worship & Praise Ministries primary purpose is to give God the glory, honor and praise that He deserves as we usher in His Presence and lead others into all-out, uncompromised worship of God.  

Liturgical Dance Ministry

This ministry is designed to encourage and lift God’s people to worship through dance.  Our expression of worship through dance is used to bring deliverance, give a breakthrough to destroy yokes of bondage off of the congregation and to pull down strongholds in both the saved and unsaved lives.  To set the atmosphere that is conducive prior to the Word of God coming forth.

Evangelism Ministry

Our goal is to carry out the Great Commission by bringing souls into the Kingdom of God, turning their hearts back to Christ, and sharing the Good News to those who are lost. According to Mark 16:15-18

Our plan is to offer Salvation, by providing spiritual literature, inviting souls to upcoming services/events.

Starting 2018, our team will be going out once a month to promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ, upcoming events/services related to the church as well as provide resources through fliers, etc... 


Our mission is to encourage, strengthen and equip the people of New Resurrection Faith Ministries, Inc. to become effectively and personally involved in leading people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ and to strategically deploy people and resources around the city and the world to introduce lost people to Jesus Christ and to help them become followers. 

Substance Abuse Ministry

The New Resurrection Faith Ministries, Inc. has established as an extension to our church, a non-profit Substance Abuse Ministry with the mission to set people free from drug and alcohol addiction.  We accomplish this through Christ-like care, and sharing Christian principles that help the person value one’s self, loved ones, and community.  We believe all addictions are sicknesses that require a person to look to God, personal counseling, and encouragement of others on the road to their recovery.


The Gatekeepers welcome you to New Resurrection Faith Ministries, Inc.  We are here to accommodate every congregant who enters the church with a seat in the most pleasant and efficient manner possible; we are ready and willing to serve each individual visitor with a one to one experience and exchange of love that radiates people from just sitting in the pew.

Sick, Shut-In, & Bereavement

We have a responsibility to minister and serve as compassionate saints to the sick, shut-in and bereaved and to provide loving-care and attention to the needs of our congregants and their families through visitations, prayer, encouragement, the promises of God’s Word and His love.  We provide support to people in the hospitals and nursing homes.

Care Givers

Take pride in our ministry and to be equipped to assist and serve the Bishop, his staff, the musicians as well as the members of the congregation with refreshment beverages, when needed and aiding in discreet positioning during Alter services.