Bishop Merdith R. Bussell


Husband, father, beloved pastor and spiritual leader to many, Elder Merdith Ray Bussell, answered God’s call to ministry in April, 1976. He was ordained as an Elder in the Northeastern Michigan Jurisdiction of the Church of God in Christ in August, 1979. The focus of the ministry was and still is to reach out into the highways and hedges compelling men, women, boys and girls to come to Jesus Christ and to accept Him as Lord and Saviour. The ministry theme:  “Our Goal Is Souls!” is based on Pastor Bussell’s love and compassion for God’s people.                 

Then, God spoke again to Pastor Bussell and called him to ‘Father’ other ministries and pastors.  Through another move of God, Bishop-Elect Bussell established the apostolic covering of the Higher Covenant Fellowship of Churches, Inc. (HCFC) on August 18, 2000. Bishop-Elect Bussell was elevated to the office of Bishop and consecrated by God and the Council of Bishops on February 17, 2001.  

Bishop Bussell has been instrumental in spearheading prayer ministries, men and women only retreats as well as, Pastors' and Leadership Conferences. Bishop Bussell does not exclude women in ministry, but covers them as well as men under the Higher Covenant Fellowship of Churches, Inc. umbrella; his most recent heartfelt passion was the birthing of the Hurting Women Conferences that address the specific spiritual and physical needs of women that speaks to their strengths, rather than their weaknesses.  Each of these ministries has empowered many (men and women) to go from welfare to work; therefore creating productive members of church and community.         

All praises to the LORD God on High for all His blessings! The end is not yet. This vision continues!