Prophetess Peggy L. Bussell


Prophetess Bussell has always been content to work right along side her husband, Bishop Merdith R. Bussell since their marriage in December 1971, when they were young and in love trying to find themselves and their way through life. Little did she know God had a plan that included her.

A native Detroiter, Sister Peggy L. Bussell has served in ministry for over 25 years and is a licensed and ordained Elder along side her husband as Co-Pastor of New Resurrection Faith Ministries, Inc.   

She has a unique ability to grip, stir, and captivate her audiences (occasionally by illustration) as she flows in the office to which she has been called.  And whether she stands in the pulpit or down on the altar, all in attendance wait to see what God will do with her, in her, to her, and through her.    

Prophetess Bussell is a woman of grace and elegance, who raises the standard as an example to women, young and old and in between.  She does not discriminate with the genders for God has given her wisdom to impart His knowledge and understanding to the brethren also.  Young adults are amazed at her directness, but enjoy the comfort of her individuality.